In an analysis of the content domain of citizenship education

This is, in truth, very basic stuff! I do not think we forget such things because we are forgetful by nature. What I think is that humans have a natural aversion to adversity. The simple question that needs to be answered is “is it worth it?” If you can come up with a definitive “yes,” everything else will fall into place.

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side effects of steroids Theories of nationalism, nation state and national identity provide a basis for the understanding of the political, economic and social factors that impact nation building and the subsequent evolvement of Civic and Moral Education in Singapore and Hong Kong after independence. In an analysis of the content domain of citizenship education, Singapore’s curriculum is shown to reflect the ruling party’s ideologies infused through National Education, where the Singapore story is sacrosanct and has to be mastered by all students so that the continual survival instinct is preserved at ill times. Hong Kong covers more breadth with a curriculum that includes the history of China that can be taught critically and a Chinese cultural heritage element that is infused into all the Key Learning subjects. side effects of steroids

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